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Oct 12, 2020

This website is generated using the Hugo Static Site Generator and a custom-coded theme. Both the site’s theme and its content can be viewed on GitHub.

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Diaper Tracker

Jul 28, 2019

When my first daughter was born, we were asked by the doctor to track her feedings and her wet and dirty diapers. While there are apps that do this, they are all too complicated! So I did the only logical thing: coded my own simpler app from scratch!

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Apr 13, 2019

Holograms: The Boundary Between Geometric & Wave Optics. We will use the geometric definitions of conic sections to explore the properties of concave, convex, and hyperbolic mirrors and then use this to demonstrate how holography takes advantage of wave interference in order to construct what is essentially a geometric phenomenon.

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I have been teaching physics at Avon High School since 2013. I also coach the school’s Science Olympiad Team.

This website is a collection of projects—some related to my job and many not. Mostly, this website is just a place for me to play around with html and other programming languages and trick myself into thinking that I am being productive by doing so.

This website is built using hugo and a custom-coded theme.

Zachary J. Rohrbach
Physics Teacher
Avon High School

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