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Conservation of Intellectual Momentum:

Staying connected to the field of physics even if your job doesn't make you.

I gave this talk to the Physics Department at Wabash College (my alma mater) in October, 2014.


I had always known that I wanted to teach, but as I prepared to graduate from Wabash, I was hesitant to follow through on that plan. My four years of studying physics had opened my mind to a way of thinking I had grown to love and didn’t want to give up. Would teaching provide the same intellectual stimulation I had enjoyed in college? Would covering the same introductory mechanics and splash of E&M year in and year out in my classes really scratch my physics itch? In this talk, I will discuss what I have done to try to stay in touch with the field of physics and how–five years into my career–it has helped keep me happy in my job and made me a better teacher